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It has taken me a few years to embrace my passions and make a decision to re-direct my career to focus on the 3 F's: food, fitness, fashion.

I am a food aficionada who loves to bake and cook.  Recently, my interest in the benefits of a vegan diet has awakened, thanks to a special someone in my life.  I've not yet fully converted - I'm a Vegan Flirt at the moment, but have given up meat entirely.  Today, I'm a pescetarian (i.e. vegetarian that also eats fish) that has given up most dairy products (with a couple exceptions).

I'm a 3:16 marathoner, 19:26 5k'er and 11:12 Ironman triathlete.  I also have a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  What I bring to you is my love of food and passion for a fit and healthy lifestyle, all through the lens of the scientist.  Being trained in academia means it is ingrained to fully understand every scientific finding about a topic before forming an opinion.  What I discuss will have scientific data backing it up, and I'll make it relevant to the real world.  I aim to be your trusted source of the most recent scientific findings.  I also love debunking myths. :)

Lastly, I have a keen interest in fashion, both as an athlete and regular garment-wearing woman.  I love sporting the latest trends, and also seek to find cute apparel as an athlete (no easy feat!) 

Enjoy the blog, and I hope you learn a few things along the way!

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